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Forever Grace eBook

Forever Grace eBook

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She's looking for sanctuary, not love. But with him, she might find both...

Grace Daniels is at the end of her rope. On the run with her sister's children, hiding from an enemy intent on destroying everything she holds dear, all Grace wants is security and some semblance of a normal life. But just as she finds the perfect hideout, the arrival of a sexy new neighbor jeopardizes her peace of mind—and her heart.

Police officer Sean McKittrick just wants a quiet place to recuperate from an on-the-job injury. His plans are upended, however, when he meets his feisty new neighbor and her skittish kids. He should keep his distance. He knows he should. It's obvious they're hiding something, and the last thing he needs is drama. But his best intentions are no match for his attraction to Grace. He'll uncover whatever truths she's hiding, and he will protect her—even if it's the last thing he ever does.

Can Sean convince Grace that trusting him—and loving him—is worth the risk? Or will the secrets of her past destroy their chance at happily ever after?

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