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Crone Unleashed eBook

Crone Unleashed eBook

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She thought she’d won—but the war has only just started.

When Claire Emerson imprisoned Morok in the Camlann fragment of the world, it should have been the end of the dark god—and of the war between him and the Crones. But when Lucan, her protector, is accidentally trapped along with the god, Claire is determined to save him.

She’ll have to travel through the treacherous god realm—alone—to get to him. And that’s just the first hurdle. The bigger problem? The magick of an ancient Crone is hidden in the fragment, and if Morok discovers it, he’ll have enough power to break free and carry out his plan to destroy Claire’s entire world and all that she loves.

Can Claire rescue Lucan and find the Crone magic before Morok does? Or will she have to choose between the shifter she’s come to love and the power she never asked for in the first place?

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