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A Game of Crones eBook

A Game of Crones eBook

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Once, there was power in her magick. Now, she must find magick in her power.

Claire Emerson has lost her magick—and with it, her place among the Crones. It should spell the end of her involvement in their centuries-old war against the dark god, Morok, but it can’t. Because Claire knows something the others don’t—Morok has become an imposter in the Crones’ midst, and their destruction is imminent.

To stop the dark god’s nefarious plan, Claire will have to find her missing powers. But neither she nor her allies have a clue where to start—and that’s the easy part. The hard part? Getting past Morok’s monsters in time to rescue the Crones. Especially when she comes face to face with Morok himself.

Will Claire’s powers be enough to defeat a god and save her companions—and the world?
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